LVFM50 Battery Charger 12V, 50 Amp
Electromem Work Shop Battery Charger 12V, 50 Amp

Product Description

Flashmem Series
The new Flashmem Series battery chargers are your perfect workshop companion.
A range of professional battery chargers that are suitable for all types of AGM, Wet and
Gel Batteries
The Flashmem Series are used by professional Automotive Electricians, Garages, Mechanics
& Car dealerships for the high amperage output charging & high frequency stable power
supply which can be used on all 12V vehicles during reprogramming, flashing &
diagnosis of the vehicles computer.
    • 12V 50 Amp Battery Charger & Power Supply
    • Input Voltage: 240V AC
    • Charge Current: 1-50 Amp Max
    • Supply Function: 12V
    • Battery Capacity: 5-500Ah
    • Maintenance Capacity: 5-1500Ah
    • Types of Batteries: Gel, Wet & AGM
    • 10 Step Charging Cycle: Analysis 1, Desulphation, Controlled current charge, Ground charge, Constant output
    charge, Recovery cycle, Analysis 2, Float voltage maintenance, Analysis 3 & Controlled impulse maintenance.
    • LED’s show the charging cycle along with a LED display showing battery voltage, amperage & state of charge.
    • Protection from reverse polarity, short circuit protection, voltage error detection, overload & microprocessor
    CPU controller.
    • Manually selectable functions including Charge function, Start Function and Supply mode
    • Dimensions: 150 x 100 x 250mm
    • Weight: 4.0Kg
    • Made In Italy

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