LVE550 Battery Charger 12/24V, 50 Amp
Electromem Work Shop Battery Charger 12/24V, 50 Amp

Product Description

Evo Series

The EVO Series battery chargers from Electromem are complete and professional multifunction
charging stations suited to work shop environments. They are powerful and reliable, run by
a microprocessor and is designed to carry out automatic charging cycles specifically for
standard wet batteries and new Gel/AGM batteries.
The EVO features a 10 stage charge and analysis phase making su re that all stages of charging
and maintenance are covered. Thanks to the new ECS (Electronic Control System) technology,
the EVO series combines excellent reliability during fast charging and maintenance with higher
power for carrying out start cycles in complete safety, giving you peace of mind when working on
modern vehicles. The EVO series are ideal for charging and starting all 12 and 2 4 Volt vehicles
including cars, trucks, agricultural. equipment and marine.
    • 12/24V 50 Amp Battery Charger with 3 Programmed Charging Cycles & 1 Manual Cycle
    • Input Voltage: 240V AC
    • Charge Current: 1-50 A Max
    • Supply Function: 12V & 24V
    • Jump Start Current: 400 Amp MAX cc
    • Battery Capacity: 4Ah to 550Ah
    • Types Of Batteries: 12V Lead-Acid, Wet, Gel, AGM, Mf, VRLA, Ca/Ca
    • 10 Step Charging Cycle: Analysis 1, Desulphation, Controlled current charge, Ground charge, Constant output
    charge, Recovery cycle, Analysis 2, Float voltage maintenance, Analysis 3 & Controlled impulse maintenance.
    • LED’s show the charging cycle along with a LED display showing battery voltage, amperage & state of charge.
    • Protection from reverse polarity, short circuit protection, voltage error detection, overload & microprocessor
    CPU controller.
    • Manually selectable functions including Charge function, Start Function and Supply mode
    • Dimensions: 310 x 250 x 402mm
    • Weight: 19Kg
    • Made In Italy

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