LV1051HD - Battery Guard, 40 Amp 12/24V
Battery Guard, 40 Amp, 12/24V

Product Description
           Battery Guard 40 Amp 12/24V        

The universal Progammable Battery Guard (BG) prevents excessive discharge of the battery and protects electronic appliances against overvoltage. The BG40  Battery Guard has an "Automatic Board System Detection",  the Battery Guard automatically detectsthe battery voltage (12V or 24V). The BG40 battery guard is capable of carrying 40A continuous load and 45A transient load. There is a choice out of 10 on/off threshhold voltage programs, for both 12V and 24V Battery Systems which can be easily Programmed There is also the option to wire in a switch for remote manual isolation of the loads.
  • INSTALLATION the simplicity of connections makes it ideal for both OEM and Aftermarket installations.
  • TEN VOLTAGE SETTINGS: the system has 10 voltage settings that you can easily set by the vehicle builder/installer
  • MANUAL ISOLATION: there is also the option to wire in a switch for remote manual isolation of the loads.
  • ALARM: This is option available to sound a buzzer/alarm after 12 seconds at low voltage setting if there is no change in the voltage after a further 90 seconds the BG will shut down the loads and the alarm will stop.
  • OVERVOLTAGE: at overvoltage 16V for 12V system (32V for 24V system) the BG will shut down immediately to protect the equipment and pulse the alarm to alert the operator.

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