LV0401 - LED Interior Lamp With On/Off Switch
LED Interior Lamp With On/Off Switch

Product Description
  • LED Surface Mount Interior Lamps with On/Off Switch
  • Multivolt 12/24V
  • 18 High Output SMD LED's
  • Electronics completely sealed to resist corrosion and moisture
  • Operating Temperature -30°C to +50°C
  • EMC R10 Approval
  • 100mm Cable
  • Dimernsions: 400 x 25 x 17mm

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Questions (1)
Hi there I have 2 lv0401. What is the current draw at 24v. Do I need to run a relay for 2 units in my truck? Can I just run 24v fused straight from the battery. Thank you Con

At 24V the LV0401 will draw 0.1 of a amp so if you have 2 running at the same time they will be drawing a total of 0.2 of a amp. This is a very minor current draw and you will not need to run relay. With fusing it depends if you are running new wire to the Lights or if you are just using the old interior light wiring. If you use to existing wiring you could just use the old wire and would not need a fuse. If you are running new wiring you can use just a 10 Amp fuse just to be safe if you wish.


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